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Brittany Rohr with Rohring Results is a business consultant who works with large and small brands to guarantee traction and growth! She uses proven methods to automate business processes, a science of 20 different marketing methods, and finds solutions to problems that are slowing down the ability to grow.

Spending 6 years in Las Vegas working with over 200 businesses under Vital Medias, she is now starting her own consulting company. She is taking on 5 small businesses that are willing to be used as a case study to prove her methods and to be used in her future marketing. These 5 will get free consulting and implementation.

1. Must allow her to dig deep into the business to find where the real problems are.
2. Must be scalable- There needs to be room to grow and be open to growth. The goal is to show what she can do and if there isn't a desire to grow, the case study won't be useful.
3. Must be able to meet weekly for 2 hours to go over progress and new strategies to be implemented.

If this is something you might be interested in- please email RohringResults@gmail.com.

(941) 932 - 1927

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